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The Board is appointed by the Administrative Council, in accordance with Article 29 of the Statute of the Chamber (Official Gazette No. 58/18, 147/20, and 77/21).

In accordance with Article 30 of the Statute of the Chamber (Official Gazette, No. 58/18, 147/20 and 77/21), the Committee implements activities related to professional standards:

  • translates the ethical standards of the accounting profession issued by the International Accounting Committee (IFAC), i.e., proposes the adoption of the Code of Ethics for professional accountants,
  • monitors the implementation of the rules of professional ethics of auditors and International Standards on Auditing and determines proposals for measures to improve the professional ethics of auditors and the application of standards,
  • proposes to the Board of Directors and organizes various forms of professional, educational, and scientific work in the field of audit standards, professional ethics and accounting (in cooperation with the Committee for Professional Training and Continuous Professional Development and with other competent organizations and institutions)
  • performs other duties in accordance with the decisions of the Administrative Council.

Current members of the Auditing Standards and Professional Ethics Committee:
Zvonimir Madunić, president(appointed in December 2020)
Marina Tonžetić, member (appointed in December 2020)
Slaven Kartelo, member (appointed in December 2020)
Joško Džida, member (appointed in December 2020)
Mirela Copot Marjanović, member (appointed in December 2020)
Michaela Tomičić, member (appointed in December 2020)
Jeni Krstičević, member (appointed in December 2020).